What can I do for you?

Always happy to talk to new clients about:

  • Writing/editing/content marketing
  • System administration, migration, and technology consulting

Clients and colleagues have said:

"Greg Fazekas has been a godsend for Apex Books. He's timely, professional, and quick and effective problem solver. Best of all, he makes smart suggestions for improving security and improving site performance. I would recommend his service to all but my closest market competitors." (Jason Sizemore)
"From the get acquainted call through the long, hard hours of a stressful project, Greg never failed to be inventive, ahead of me, and producing beautiful work. He took direction well and I would work with him on anything!" (Laura Anne Edwards)
"In addition to overseeing all social platforms (including management of analytics and intelligence) and writing most of the blog content, Greg took on additional projects including the development of the company's new website design and assets as well as project management and writing of the technical guide, which was used to inform the sales materials, web copy, advertising, certification program and training materials for customers." (Paula Gould)
"Greg understands how software systems work, how to set them up and how to articulate complex technical topics to people." (Eirikur 'Eiki' Hrafnsson)
"With excellent written skills and judgment, he has an editorial instinct that benefits online content across a variety of channels." (Mike Ivanchyshyn)

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Simply send an email to resilient_at_dinchamion-dot-com and I'll be in touch shortly!

My background includes:

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